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The pit saw leaves marks on wood that look like this ///////////.The pit saw is a two-man powered saw used in America before 1680 to cut logs into boards.

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After 1700, its major use was as a large jigsaw to shape knees, ribbing, and planking for ships.

The up-and-down saw, was used in this country from the 1680s until early in the 1900s.

Before 1820, hinges were made one at a time by a blacksmith. By 1880, the use of cast iron in the making of butt hinges was discontinued in favor of stamped steel.

The common wood screw underwent a major change in 1846 when T. Sloan of New York City invented the first machine to mass-produce this item.

Sloan holds many patents for cutting threads, shaping points, and forming the heads of screws.

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