Dating andrei volosovo

Still, was all about the corps de ballet and its mastery of complex and poetic movement reminiscent of the earlier Romantic age of ballet.

There are distinct touches in the choreography reminiscent of Chopin’s Polish heritage and the dancers here move with stately, restrained passion.

Kondaurova managed to portray this with such regal grace that it was actually breathtaking.

He needs to soften his landings, because the thumps were distracting, with nothing but the piano for accompaniment.

He was louder than the entire company of women dancing together and that really detracted from the sylvan atmosphere.

Millepied chose a selection of Chopin’s for his piece and they were played with fluid legato by Philipp Kopachevsky. The stage was frustratingly dim for this piece, making it hard to tell who was who while they were dancing.

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