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Anyone seeking a visa will soon discover none of these countries have functioning embassies in Yemen today.Thousands of Yemenis have managed to flee to Djibouti by boat.

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In my five years of covering Yemen, international headlines have morphed from optimism to despair.

In the early weeks of the Arab Spring, everyone was hailing “Yemen: the peaceful revolution”.

Indeed, as the war rages on, the country’s infrastructure and institutions are falling apart.

Unemployment rates are at a record high, with business at a standstill jobs have disappeared, while almost half the country’s university students have dropped out, offering fertile recruitment opportunities for extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and the newly-emerged Islamic State in Yemen.

For instance, since the start of the conflict, the Saudi-led coalition has been arming the Popular Resistance group in Aden and in Taiz.

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