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Sure to improve with time however, two stars for effort. All in all a top crew destined for big things with a few more outings.

ECSMS seal of approval Bacchanalia: Amazing night had by all - poor choices of shirts, but besides that really decent guys.

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apparently everyone had a great night (we look pretty happy in the photos!

)thanks a lot girls x MCBC: Seated when we arrived, on it from the word go, with some outrageous sconce battling taking place on both fronts, only to be superseded by some tongue jousting moments later. Stopped off in Univ, and needless to say, not everyone made it to Camera. Bacchanalia: After the initial confusion of who we were actually crewdating, a good time was had by all.

(3 years...) Bacchanalia: Lovely gentlemen and pretty easy on the eye.

Some surprising sconces which always makes for a good crewdate.

Disappointing lack of commitment to going out after but still a top night.

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