Charisma carpenter dating now

For seven years Charisma Carpenter was a crucial cog in the epic fight against vampires, demons and the forces of evil on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” Now she’s taking the ass-kicking skills absorbed during her time as Cordelia to chase away a new, potentially more dangerous foe: candy thieves.Yes, the war against those who seek to lay a finger on your Butterfinger just got three new allies, as Lou “Hulk” Ferrigno, Erik Estrada and Charisma founded The Butterfinger Defense League.

Which is a talent, definitely, just maybe not one everyone would fancy having.

Between the two TV shows, Kartheiser made a handful of terrible films, and did some voice acting in reptile Western ? He now plays in a country rock band, Kane (bet he thought long and hard about that name, right? Acting-wise, he’s done alright since Mercedes Mc Nab played another one of those Buffyverse characters that probably shouldn’t have stuck around for as long as they did, but were so much fun the writers couldn’t resist bringing them back again – and again and again.

Then I read the script and loved how tongue in cheek it was.

The only thing I said was, “do I have to wear a cheerleader uniform again? PW: Will it be all Butterfingers all the time at your house now?

But my agent put it to me quite frankly, that you have to be known before you can be typecast.

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