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They will be a guide to help you find this person, even if your current boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t turn out to be “the one”. Blanket statements like this that use one adjective to describe another person bother me. Most of us, can be quite happy one day and down the next. For me, I look for someone who is moving toward being like Christ, instead of creating the impossible expectation to find someone who has already “arrived”.My other beef with this book was that a few times they labeled people as “lonely” and said to be wary of “lonely people”. It probably stems from my family therapy classes where we didn’t uses phrases like this, but described people as “struggling with loneliness”. As I alluded to earlier, I wish they would have specifically defined boundaries as values, but then the title would have been Values in Dating.After my last post I needed something lighter to write about.

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I believe the authors had to stick with the “boundaries” theme because of its past popularity in their previous works.

Whatever the reasoning, the book was really about values in dating.

I chose this because I liked topic, it was simple to read, and was cheap for my Kindle.

And, as a single guy in his mid-thirties, I could certainly use the advice.

But because values change in duration and intensity over time, the spotless house you once valued might take a back seat after having two or three children. On a side note, I think its helpful to point out the obvious fact that just because we value something or find it “worthy”, doesn’t mean God does.

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