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one day no body was there at my home and the phone bell rang.. I was surprised with her call and she called me with my name I never told her my name .she heard it someone calling me …then I asked her how she got the number she said she visited my home the day before and met my mother and as they didn’t had a phone connection she took our number …and she knew that no one was at home except me so she called from outside…

I was really overjoyed with this I couldn’t believe with what was happening with me.. she asked me to meet out some where and we planned to meet at a restaurant.

and and before all that we used to crack double meaning jokes and all kinds of talk about love and sex etc..

but never kissed nor I saw any part of her body that night every one in my house slept and I went to the kitchen and she was standing there in her black sexy nighty …

சிறிது நேரத்திற்கு பிறகு, அவள் "வா, நான் பாத்ரூம் போகணும்"என்றாள்.

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