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Guys AND women get the attension they feel they are lacking from their own culture right up front.Sad part is, neither side feels like doing the extra on the back end to close the gap.There was also an article on 'fashions new look' where the traditional blonde bombshell/ Mediterranean Adonis has been usurped by the mixed race E-Asian/anglo featured model according to the latest studies on face approval - dont know how much of that is true though because theres been no change whatsoever in the Caucasian dominated catwalks. Because for centuries there have been fat balding Dutch, Portuguese and Englishmen in the Far East and China (especially Hong Kong and Singapore) really for one reason - the girls.

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Or, do Asian women are simply attracted to the men of European heritage and visa versa? Of course, it was to diffuse and point out the extreme nature that a thread had taken, but whatever. They are more accomodating to what a guy wants to do in a lot of respects. This inconsistancy on the back end makes it more difficult for the long term relationships.

All in all though, that initial difference in culture makes for a smoother fit.

Or, do Asian women somehow prefer white men as dates/husbands because of some cultural considerations? However the age old stereotype is Chinese have double lidded eyes (like much of the world), and Japanese tend toward 'single' lid. Basically with single lids the almond eye shape is more pronounced, it can make someone look more feline.

Or, do Asian women are simply attracted to the men of European heritage and visa versa? Single lids are more frowned upon as its a telltale sign of ageing in the East as your skin sags (more so than lines or wrinkles), and much the target when going for plastic surgery.

I am really curious to know what is the explanation of this.

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