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“You can polish a mule’s feet and shine his hide and put brass all over his harness and hitch him to a fine carriage. GWTW: I’ll find the references later, often remarked about Rhett Butler as well.

Rhett Butler: From a prominent family, is outcast also due to a duel he refused to lose because he wasn’t in the wrong and didn’t feel he should die.

Is still able to stay on the outskirts (and sometimes closer) to “proper society” due to his enormous amount of money, though heavily maligned with names like “speculator”, “traitor”, scallywag".

He could easily reference any other work, he could reference Tolkien (though I’m sure he works to avoid comparing directly when asked). This is all told, in both works, through the eyes generally of those who started out in very high positions, and occasionally see the horrors inflicted on others of lower social rank–but in both books they do.

He sure went into detail here: “…history has shown us is eventually these literary rights pass to grandchildren or collateral descendants, or people who didn’t actually know the writer and don’t care about his wishes. And then we get abominations, to my mind, like Scarlett, the Gone with the Wind sequel.”But this quote is directly after the writer mentioned other authors such as Ian Fleming–great example! None, in real life: she was a fictional character, she never existed. GRRM is often likened to a serial killer regarding his characters, but Mitchell rivals and perhaps bests him there in GWTW. Scarlett loses her mother during the war, most of the friends she grew up with, her father in the aftermath, her daughter by Rhett, her unborn child by Rhett, by the end she even loses the only friend she has left (Melanie Wilkes), and that’s not even going into the multitudes who are mentioned dying in the war aside from her childhood friends.

But that’s more reaching, as opposed to a direct paraphrase or parallel, and anyone could draw those comparisons, as they could to Arya, Brienne, Dany, all taking on less traditional roles as women, much like Scarlett as their worlds burn down around them.

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