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The extra features offer plenty of cast interviews— including a session with frat boy hunk, Tyler Prince (played by Matt Long).

The plot reinterprets Snow White on a college campus and adds plenty of spice by using sorority life as a backdrop.

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Bynes stars as the title character, a tomboy of sorts who was raised by her plumber dad (John Schneider) and his construction worker buddies after her mother died when she was nine.

Now 18, Sydney leaves for her first year of college with only one thing on her mind: pledge for her mother’s sorority and make life-long friends.

The other fun part of this film, for me, is that it features one of my childhood friends, Lauren Leech, who plays the part of Katy (a super-blond Kappa loyalist)!

Watch for her cruel little prank against the seven loveable dorks in the party scene towards the end of the movie.

Sure, the last thing we all need is another teen comedy based on a pre-existing work of fiction (especially one as popular as "Snow White"), but if there’s anyone up to the task, it’s certainly Bynes, whose re-imagination of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” (“She’s the Man”) was far better than anyone could have possibly imagined.

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