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Classic "adult" onset often occurs after age 10 and involves progressive muscle weakness (eventually requiring a wheelchair for mobility), cataracts, and cardiac conduction abnormalities.Children with childhood onset (before the age of 10, but after early infancy) often have similar symptoms and disease progression as those with congenital onset.

Infants with congenital onset may present at birth with hypotonia, breathing or feeding problems, and drooling and/or swallowing problems.

Global developmental delays are often observed in the first few years of life.

Read more: Pictures of Allergy Relief Tips at Home: AC Filters, Electronic Air Cleaners, and More Seasonal allergic rhinitis (also called hay fever) usually is caused by pollen in the air.

Perennial allergic rhinitis is a type of chronic rhinitis and is a year“round problem, often caused by indoor allergens, such as dust, animal dander, and pollens that may exist at the time.

The attachment of the histamine to the receptors causes the cells to be "activated," releasing other chemicals that produce the effects that we associate with allergy, for example, sneezing.

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