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The foreign telco's actual cost of handling the call is minimal, since it is carried literally a few meters within the same building. [No reference to any actual company is intended nor should be inferred.] You pick up your phone and dial a telesleaze number in the Republic of Hypothetica.

You will be billed by Fictional for that call at the rate they charge for calls to Hypothetica, and that is the entire extent of your involvement in the billing process — what you pay is determined entirely and exclusively by Fictional.

* Price stated is for the least expensive itinerary.

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Restrictions on baggage and additional baggage fees may apply.

Before booking any fare, check the rules for that fare for applicable travel dates and for restrictions and any applicable fees, including, but not limited to, service fees and fees on refundability, date changes, and no-shows.

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Contact a hotline if you need support yourself or need help supporting a friend.

In order to bypass the regulations imposed by various countries, some operators have moved their phone lines to certain friendly countries in areas including the Caribbean, Africa, and the former Soviet Union — and such infamous "third-world banana republics" as the United Kingdom and Sweden. In many cases, these "settlements" are substantial, often exceeding the cost of the international call carriage itself.

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